From my Ludum Dare 40 submission page:

"My swami shooter prototype for Ludum Dare 40! The concept is that you’re a mind-reader who regains his thought power (ammo) by reading people’s minds. The more bad thoughts you get in your head, the tougher the enemies get, and the more you slow down due to emotional baggage. I intend to continue working on this after the jam and animating environment/music/post-processing changes to make it more distorted as you gain bad thoughts. The only way to make it better is to share in thoughts of love by reading the minds of positive people :)

This was my very first game jam and I had so much fun working with this theme, as well as meeting some amazing people (via Twitch and the LDJam blog); Although I went at it solo, I never felt alone in this for one minute.

Unfortunately, I'm uploading a bit earlier than expected, so it's all placeholder right now (see the 'Notes' section of the game for more information), but I plan to continue working on this toward a full release, as I completely fell in love with this concept! Another team needs music for their submission and I volunteered to compose a couple of themes for them! I figured it would be better to help others make their project a little more special than throw some glitter on this turd of mine lol :D

I definitely made some first-timer mistakes, such as not sleeping for the first 2 days, and prioritizing the wrong parts of my game, but all-in-all, this was an utter blast to be a part of! I look forward to participating in as many LD jams as possible in the future and can't wait to meet more of you wonderful people <3"

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